Thursday, October 21, 2010

so cute!

Found this picture while stumbling ... so cute I had to share!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Animal Crossbreeds

These are too cute not to share!

Worth 1000 did a photo contest making an "animal crossbreed" by mating to (just two) creatures.  There were 178 entries.  Here are a few of my favorites:

The Turtlehopper:
 The Frogodile:

The Fropig:
 The Frippo:

To check out the other entries CLICK HERE!
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Benjaman Kyle

This was a very interesting find today while stumbling on the internet ~
(taken from Wikipedia)

Around 6AM on August 31, 2004, a man now living under the name Benjaman Kyle was discovered behind a Burger King at the intersection of Interstate 95 and Highway 17 in Richmond Hill, Georgia. He was found by the managers of the restaurant, lying on the ground inside the stone wall enclosing the Burger King dumpsters, in a space between the dumpsters that is accessed by a walk-through used for trash disposal. The dumpster enclosure was behind the Burger King in an area hidden from view from all directions except from the restaurant parking lot. Prolonged exposure to the sun had left him sunburned.  He was assumed homeless and taken to a hospital for treatment. Officers who searched the scene found no clothes or wallet to identify the man. According to the manager of the Burger King, there were no weapons found at the scene. Paramedics reported that there were three depressions in his head, that may indicate blows by a blunt object. When found, he had no memory of who he was, and did not even recognize his own face.  He was legally blind with cataracts, indicating he may have been without medical care for some time before he was assaulted. Initially, he was known as BK because he was discovered on the premises of a Burger King. Since then, he has chosen to live under the name Benjaman Kyle and insists that his real first name is Benjaman.
Kyle is Caucasian and appears to be in his 50s or 60s.  He is 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) tall and weighs 240 pounds (110 kg).  He has graying hair with a receding hairline, and blue-green eyes. He is of above average intelligence

Kyle has memories of Indianapolis as a child, including the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, the Woolworth's on the Circle, and the Indiana Theater showing movies in Cinerama. He remembers Crown Hill Cemetery, though not its name; the Scottish Rite Cathedral; and the White River when "it was mostly just a dumping ground." He also remembers grilled cheese sandwiches for a quarter and glasses of milk for a nickel at the Indiana State Fair.

Kyle also has memories of the area around the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has detailed memories of the subscription the library has to Restaurants & Institutions. He also remembers the Round the Corner Restaurant on the Hill, and the Flatirons and The Fox Theater near the Boulder campus.[8] This places Kyle in the Denver-Boulder area in the late 1970s to early 1980s.[6] In an interview with Channel 7 News in Denver, 

Kyle reported having memories of the controversy surrounding the construction of mass transit in Denver, at a time when the city still had no financing to proceed. Although the mass transit system in Denver went into operation in 1994, public debate over the construction of the system dates back to about 1980, consistent with the time period of the other memories that Kyle has about Denver and Boulder.[9]

During an October 16, 2008 interview on the television show of Dr. Phil McGraw, he recollected some minor memories he has, such as having brothers, being 10 years older than Michael Jackson (giving him a possible birth date of August 29, 1948), being around restaurant equipment, and that he attended a Catholic School.[5] Through hypnosis, he has recalled a partial Social Security number 395-44-XXXX, consistent with the states of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Benjaman Kyle has an unusually detailed knowledge of restaurant operation and food preparation equipment, leading to the belief that he may have once worked in these industries.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some Life Lessons

No One is Perfect.
The quicker this is realized the faster you can get on with being excellent.  Start every morning ready to fight harder than you did the day before and run further than you ever imagine.

Avoid over explaining yourself.
Be confident with who you are.

Keep balance in your life.
Write down what’s most important to you and show up.  Sometimes we tend to do the things that are most important to us when it’s written down.

Play the hand you were dealt.
Have the courage to face challenges head on it builds character.  Start looking for a way through instead of a way out.

Be a student of life.
Learn something new every day.  The day you stop learning is the day you become obsolete so keep learning.

No Excuses.
Stop making excuses replace them with ways to do better.  Excuses are a waste of time and energy.

Let others know where you Stand.
Be uncompromising and be up front when someone steps on your core values.      

Never be afraid of a challenge
You put on your shoes like every other man.  Now it comes down to who wants it more.

Service to others.
Small, simple or important be a volunteer and give the very best of you.   

Work like hell.  
Everyone has a job to do so do it.  Cross every “T” and dot every “I”.  

Discover You.  
Find your passion, life purpose, and take action.

Don’t take it Personal.  
Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself self confidence shows that you’re comfortable in your own skin.

Manage your time
Our situation and environment is ever changing so be careful not to confuse the things that are urgent with the things that are important.  Look for time wasters and eliminate them.

Ask for help.  
Life can be tough remember you never have to do it alone. 

Do your homework.  
Know what you getting into before you start.  Doing your homework reduces uncertainty and fear.

Day Dream Often.  
On the weekend when you are relaxing embrace a day dream.  During the week take action to preserve your dreams. 

Be A HERO.  
Cultivate a healthy dose of forgiveness and set someone free.  Learn to forgive others and stop carrying those bags of hate, guilt or regret.     

Stay One Step Ahead.  
Be proactive, Take the initiative, Brainstorm with the big picture in mind.

Self Love.  
Become your own priority.  Strive to be the you, you want to be.  

Finish what you started.  
Avoid the urge to stray.