Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Grandpa's Passing

My Grandpa had been sick with cancer since approximately June of 2008.  He put up a fight, but lost his battle at 3:06 a.m. on Friday, December 17, 2010.  My Grandpa was more than just a "grandpa" to me.  He was very much a father figure to me.  I grew up right across the street from my grandparents and because of this, we had an amazing bond.  Because my cousin was so awesome at writing an eulogy for him, I wanted to share:

Grandpa was a wonderful man to everyone he knew and anyone who was lucky enough to have him in their life were truly blessed. He was an amazing example to everyone as a husband, Dad, grandfather, brother, uncle, & friend. He treated anyone welcomed into the family, as his own. We are gifted with thousands of wonderful memories to remember him by - the best thing will always be his love to his family - especially his love to Grandma, his wife of 61 years. There is no stronger love, than the love, he showed to her.

I can still hear his "hey sis" as any of us girls walked into their living room.
As a child I remember never wanting to tell him that I had a loose tooth because he always had his own suggestions on how to get that loose tooth out and he was always more than willing to help with it - I think thats the only time I ever ran from my Grandpa. He often checked on us while we were sledding down their hill - I would frequently look up and there stood him & Grandma staring out the window, normally shaking their heads at us. We always loved helping him style his hair- sometimes he would even pay us - those were some fun days.

If we didn't find him in his recliner we often found him outside in his garden. He loved his garden. Then, of course he had his squirrel & bird feeders. His constant drives to go "find" deer.  His frequent fishing trips.  Even his bowling in his earlier years - maybe Grandpa did and loved just about everything.

He often lectured us on making sure we had the correct essentials in our car for the winter months. He always had his own choice of words to prove to us that he wanted what was best for his entire family & showed his pride in all of our accomplishments.

Holidays, especially Christmas Eve will never be the same again - good thing you trained those boys on how to carve the turkey & ham.

I miss your "eeews"  while giving you your kiss & hugs more than anything - you proved to us in your final days that you were ready because we heard "I love you" back from you - thank you Grandpa, but we all always knew that you "eeews" and your "uh huhs" meant "I love you too."

I know you were scared to leave Grandma - but you gifted her with a huge family as well as a fair share of some life long friends - we will take care of her & we will take care of each other just as you have always done for us.

The morning God called you home - you didn't go along - a part of us went with you and you will always be with us.  You will be the brightest star shining every night, the loudest bird chirping every morning, the biggest deer in the field, the best hand of cards in the game, and the best fish catch of the day. You have given us enough memories that we will think of you daily.

You were always suppose to live past 100,  81 was just too early to lose you...
Rest in peace Grandpa - and thank you more than words can say for everything you have always done for all of us.
We love you Grandpa and will miss you more than you know.

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  1. Mariea, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved grandpa. esai and my dad have a similar relationship, so I know it will be difficult for him whenever it is my dad's own time to go. Sending you and your family many virtual hugs and prayers. He sure sounds like an awesome man!