Monday, January 4, 2010

A little about me

I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end. -- Margaret Thatcher

The best way for me to start out this blog is to tell everyone a little about myself. I am 29 years old and fearing the big 3-0 (which will be here in 71 days). I was married at the ripe old age of 20. Had my daughter when I was 22; my first son was born when I was 24; and I was 26 the day my second son was born.

In February of 2009 I filed for divorce after being hit in the face with the realization that my husband was not faithfully committed to our marriage. After the divorce was granted and a custody battle took place, the Judge made his decision and granted my ex husband full custody of the three tweedles. I am now only be able to see them pursuant to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines (every other weekend and one night a week).

So here I am – a few days after the initial shock – I am doing my best to keep an open positive mind. I know that I must be strong. I know that I AM strong. I know that I must make the best out of every moment that I do get to spend with them.

On a different note, but yet the same …..

I work full time as a legal assistant in the labor and employment department of a large law firm. I have a wide range of interest (some which are mine and some of which I have been coaxed into by my tweedles and/or boyfriend) – cooking, the internet, outdoors, BMX, motocross, the list goes on.

My boyfriend is amazing. We have definitely had some of the most trying moments in our relationship during this past year. These moments have made us grow so close together (maybe marriage close?!?!)

I believe this is a complete rundown of me and my present situation in life.

With all that has been on my mind lately and the beginning of a new year, I thought this is the ideal time to start this thing called blog. So, set back and enjoying the read. I would love feedback – please share your thoughts, your motivations, your words to help me (and others) get through our rough times in life, enjoy the good and move forward to the future.

and I almost forgot ... the one word to describe me .. ADORKABLE -- Adorable and a dork!


  1. Yes, Adorkable is the best description there is for you!

  2. Nicely done, Mariea. I love the layout.