Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back from Vacation

Where have I been the last few days you ask … well I was on a mini vacation! Due to a few different circumstances (all of which happen to work out just fine) we decided to stay in town. We got a room at a really nice hotel and stayed two nights (one night free woot woot!). Spent MANY hours pool side of the indoor/outdoor pool.

First day off work – Friday – Friday morning turned into a very hellacious time. So lets skip ahead to Friday late afternoon. We got the hotel room and spent a few hours swimming. Then we went to the (somewhat) new ice rink and went ice skating. The first time the kids have ever been on skates and the first time for me in probably 20+ years. We had so much fun. I must also brag to say that I am the only one who did not fall! (yeah me!) Came back to the hotel and did more swimming and got ice cream pool side. – vacation just isn’t a vacation unless you are eating chocolate ice cream by the pool at 10:30 p.m., right?!?

Saturday started off with a wonderful steak house restaurant buffet breakfast at the hotel. Then off to get ready and head to Science Central. We spent MANY hours there. Again, a first for us (except my daughter who had been there before). Lunch was a wonderful visit to the Famous Fort Wayne Coney Island for some yummy coney dogs that we got to go. Back to the hotel and ate lunch … you guessed it … pool side. We had intended on going to a baseball game Saturday night but who would have guessed that the game would sell out a week in advance?!? The kids picked to have their special dinner night out at Red Lobster and they all behaved very well. After dinner was spent swimming. I must say how proud I am of my tweedles three for how well they are now able to swim! I finally dragged them out of the pool and we all fell asleep snug as bugs watching Marmaduke.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at the hotel again and spent the last few hours before check out swimming. (yes, my kids are water bugs). Went to my moms Sunday afternoon and did our first round of freezing corn (no, not what I had planned to do on my vacation – but its all good). We all crashed in our own beds within 20 minutes of getting home.

Monday – my final day off work – We spent a while at the park, came home and took naps – much needed naps, had pizza hut for dinner and finished our family vacation with Cats & Dogs (the movie). It was a nice finish to a mini vacation.

This is my last full week with the kids. After this week the summer visitation scheduled is done and it goes back to the every other weekend and Wednesdays. {pout} My oldest starts 3rd grade and my middle starts kindergarten. This (in my opinion) was a wonderful end of summer fun. I hope everyone reading this was able to find some fun this summer as well.

Please share with me what you did this summer!  
And if you are from around my area, PLEASE share with me some fun kid friendly things to do!!

OH… yes, I have pictures! I will upload them at some point.

Ta ta

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