Thursday, June 24, 2010


See, the human mind is kind of like... a piñata. When it breaks open, there's a lot of surprises inside. Once you get the piñata perspective, you see that losing your mind can be a peak experience. ~Jane Wagner

Here I sit bored as all get out (yes I just said that) at work. I am not supposed to spend time on the internet doing unnecessary stuff, although, I must say that I think facebook is very necessary. I decided to open up a word document and just start typing another blog entry. Not that I really have much to share, but heck, it gives me something to do. And now I draw a blank! With always having 1001 thoughts going through my head, you would think I could come up with something to write about. Hmmm… lets go see what “holidays” are today! *see and there I am, back on the internet!*

Today, June 24, 2010 is -- Celebration of the Senses Day! International Fairy Day! National Bomb Pop Day! and National Hand Shake Day! Thank goodness we have so much to celebrate on this Thursday. And thank goodness I have a bottle of hand sanitizer right here beside me on my desk after shaking hands to celebrate National Hand Shake Day (not to be confused by World Hand Shake Day which was June 21 (please do not ask me what the difference is!) Speaking of hand sanitizer, isn’t that stuff the greatest? I would definitely rank it up in the high numbers with some of the best things. I love it! (some may say I have an obsession with it, but what do they know!)

oh, back to the holidays~ National Bomb Pop Day? okay, off to yahoo what this is ~ Okay, now I feel like an idiot! Please tell me I am not the only one who didn’t know what a Bomp Pop was! If you are like me and still want to know, Bomb Pops are the wonderful frozen treats we ate as kids that have a tower of cherry, lime and blue raspberry flavors! Did you know Blue Bunny offers four new flavors of Bomb Pops? Lemonade, Sour Power, Sugar Free, and Jarritos (at least according to the website I found). WOW, the original Bomb Pop was invented in 1955 in Kansas City, Missouri by James S. Merritt and D.S. "Doc" Abernethy and is celebrated annually on the final Thursday in June. Okay, so a holiday to celebrate a frozen treat – keep this one on the books!

Lets go see what else we can find ~ International Fairy Day ~ Today is a day for fairy collectors, believers, and artists to celebrate the stories, magic, and history of fairies! I found a suggestion to celebrate International Fairy Day by reconnecting with your childhood and imagination to celebrate fairies! That sounds like a good suggestion.

BTW ~ I am the only one (again) who is wondering what in the world Jarritos flavored Bomb Pops are? -- off to go check it out *back on the internet again ** isn’t it a wonderful thing?*

Apparently Jarritos is a popular brand of soda in Mexico! The Jarritos Bomb Pops are Tutti-Frutti, Pineapple and Mandarin-Orange flavored. – and now you know (and knowing is half the battle)

Two more hours of work which may lead to two more hours of blog ramblings :) Someone is reading the jargon right? Well, maybe not, who knows – I do know it is keeping me busy though. Not necessarily off the internet however.

Another random thought in my head was birthdays. Uh, wonder whose birthday it is today. Interesting type in celebrity birthday (OH WAIT… I love this song on the radio Buckcherry Sorry) umm back to the point -- you type in celebrity birthdays and this is what you come up with for today ~ Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova (1979); Singer/actress Solange Knowles (1986); The Office actress Mindy Kaling (1979); Actor Joe Penny (1956); Robocop star Peter Weller (1947); Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck (1944); Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood (1942). WOW… that is quite the list of “celebrities”! No offense to any of them.

Spinning off of birthdays – There is a really cool billboard up for a local hospital that has an ongoing ticket type banner at the top that has the names, weight and date of birth of recently born babies. How cool eh! I thought it was very cool, my fiancé on the other hand didn’t see the coolness in it that I did. Your opinions please… cool or not?

I guess it should be time to say goodbye. I can only waste so much time in one afternoon blogging about nothing.

Happy Thursday to all .. no matter how you celebrate it.

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