Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Hello!

Hey guys!  First, let me say I am sorry if you visited my page recently and got the horrible looking photobucket error in the background ~ got that fixed! 

Today is Wednesday and I normally (well when I get around to it), do Wordless Wednesday ~ not today!  You are in for special treat .... well, not really ... sorry!

Things new in my life ~ well, not much.  My daughter has started 3rd grade, my middle son has started kindergarten and my youngest just started preschool (wow I feel old!)  All kids seem to be having fun and doing good. Well, not all ... my middle son has hit a very rough patch when it comes to acting out and trying to get his way.   Hope this is a phase and will pass soon.  I am still working at the same place, still living in the new place and still have boxes to put away! LOL  Really, we have a lot done and I am so happy to be in our new  home.

My life is boring .... lets go see what is happening in the wacky world of holidays today shall we?

As I am sure most of you know (really?? you didn't know??), today is the Autumnal Equinox Day (a/k/a the first day of fall).  Today is the day when there is exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness at the equator.  Today is also American Business Women's Day, Dear Diary Day, Elephant Appreciation Day, Hobbit Day, National Centenarian's Day, and National White Chocolate Day.

First, lets give a huge shot out to all of the American Business Women out there!  Also, lets all not forget to write in our diary tonight (do people still write in books??), be sure to go the zoo and see the elephants today (or maybe eat some peanut butter?)  .... MUST be something fun to celebrate Hobbit Day! hmmm.....  Centenarians, you guys rock also ~ congrats on living to be at least 100 (you knew that is what that meant right!)  and my favorite part of the day ... NATIONAL WHITE CHOCOLATE DAY!  that, we must do something to celebrate! 

Please share with me what is special about your day?  Does September 22 mean something to you?  Would love to hear about it.

I am bored at work, so I am going to continue with random things about today -- lets go see what birthdays I can find ~ off to go search the web ~

ROCK ON!  Today is Joan Jett's 52nd birthday!  Happy Birthday to you -- you my dear ROCK!  (LOVE HER!)

Also celebrating today ..... Tom Felton (23), Adam Lazzara (29), Bonnie Hunt (46), Scott Baio (49), Andrea Bocelli (52), Nick Cave (53), Johnette Napolitano (53), Debby Boone (54) Shari Belafonte (56) and Tony Lasorda (83).

I thought Tonya Lasorda was dead ?? just checked wiki ~ apparently not

Ta Ta Adorkable Readers ~ until next time  (which hopefully isn't so long away!)

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