Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2, 2010

Today, July 2, 2010 is ~ International Chicken Wing Day and I Forgot Day! How are you celebrating it? In my opinion, a great way to celebrate would be to eat some yummy chicken wings. However, I will not be celebrating this way… nope sorry! Giving up my sushi date night is not worth it just to “celebrate” International Chicken Wing Day! How about I Forgot Day … lets go see what I can learn about that on the internet (be back in a flash). Did you miss me? Okay, this is what I have learned ~ First, the coolest thing about this day – it was “created” by Ms. Gaye Andersen of DeMotte, Indiana! YEAH Indiana! (wait, is this something to be proud of?? ummmm) I Forgot Day, by definition, is not a day to remember. Some days are days to remember and to cherish all of our lives. Others, like today, are ones to be forgotten. One site I found sent condolences if you were having a baby or getting married today! Some people view today as an opportunity to express their regrets for forgetting something, and to make amends. They do so by sending cards and flowers, apologizing for their memory lapse. (I didn't get anything today -- did you?) The trouble is, if you forget something important tomorrow, you have to wait a whole year for the next I Forgot Day to arrive.

Upon wandering the internet, I also found out that today is World UFO Day! Today is not just a day to celebrate UFOs no sir … World UFO Day is a day to get governments to fess up to the existence of UFOs. July 2nd was chosen for this special day because it is the date of the Roswell Incident. Um okay.. moving on.

I totally need some comments to this post! Tell me, do you believe we have been visited by UFOs?

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