Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21, 2010

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Hello all you blog readers out there! How are you doing on this Wednesday? I know, I already did wordless Wednesday with some pictures (which are much more prettier in person than they appear on the blog!) It is an absolutely beautiful day out … although it looks like it could blow in some rain any minute.

What is new today you ask …… ummmm…. I am wearing shoes that are killing my feet! Ugh, the price women pay to look cute! I tell ya, it just isn’t fair! (do I get an AMEN!?) Also new today is I am wearing my Italian charm bracelet. I love this bracelet, but never wear it because I don’t have very many charms. On the flip side, no one will buy me charms because I never wear it! Anyone have any charms they don’t want anymore? I would be more than happy to take them off your hands! {smile}

July 21, 2010 -- lets go see what today is all about ~ off to go search the internet ~

Today is National Junk Food Day! (no this sounds like an awesome day to celebrate!) Today is also Legal Drinking Age Day. I don’t get this holiday nor can I find anything online to explain it. – I guess it probably wasn’t worth mentioning then uh? Oh well –

Birthday … did someone say birthday? No? I think I might have heard it. Yes, I heard it. Today’s birthday include ~ Robin Williams (59), Josh Hartnett (32), Don Knotts (86) and Ernest Hemingway (111). There were others too, but none that seemed worth mentioning. 

until next time …
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